I think the whole culture is shifting toward a sense of panic about working on new technologies or thinking along the lines of what progress is or what progress looks like or will look like in the near future. Panic in the shape of people mentioning other people to stop learning X. I even heard one person trying to convince the other to stop reading because “LLMs know everything.”

Compression only creates scarcity and gaps in your knowledge create fear.

This creates a lot of anxiety for many people in a field that changes every day, every minute, and those who are just beginning to learn and understand their place in the world are completely frustrated. Plus, coupled with the tech influencers out there playing with this through engagement techniques to generate an audience, it’s the perfect mix of a catastrophe.

No one will ever replace you.

To minimize anxiety, you need to learn and have knowledge to battle things that are going on out there and to understand that things do not exist in the ether.

Everything has an explanation and almost everyone can do everything. Issue with this is gatekeepers. Don’t talk with gatekeeprs, don’t play their game, don’t.

Never let anyone tell you that you will be replaced as a thinker, dictatorships do that, and even if the political party does not exist and is inside a machine, you are much better than a multiplication matrix, and there are many things to build and create, do not be afraid.

Know more and open the doors of your own perception, but don’t let them fool you with smoke and mirrors.

Use this new generation of tools as a stepping stone to the new age, don’t get attached to what you were before, but be careful when you walk on this window floor: the cracks may not be visible if you live with the lack of knowledge but you will fill the gaps with magic and magic is always a bad thing if not entertainment, a tool someone uses to treat you like a fool.

Always focus on what you believe, not what other people(corporations) want you to believe.