You open hn, but then you get bored, you doom scroll until you find that article, that piece of knowledge you want.

But it’s too late, it’s already too late for you to be awake still.

You go to sleep.

You go to the gym, you put on a podcast, just one from the thousands more that exist in the vast sea of noise.

It’s someone saying something good about the sun and waking up before 6AM.

You see your yourself and your agenda…yeah sure.

You stop it and go back to a song, a song you previously listened to when you were a kid.

You feel nothing.

You go back home, in the meantime, you try to make one of yourself but it seems to be just noise there.

You pull up the phone, you scroll, you find nothing…

Just a few friends chatting with you, about life and not much else.

You go back, you sit on your couch and you contemplate, where are my books?

Opening the Kindle to just see an ad, you turn it off, but you can’t without waiting a few seconds until the screen goes off, meanwhile, ads…

You go back to Hacker News, maybe now there’s something spicy to comment on, something interesting to read, still nothing.

A few tabs about topics you will never care about or ever understand.

You feel bad given the complexity of stuff you will never care about, of course, you won’t be able to understand biology just like that…

Where’s the software part?

Anyway, it’s getting late again, my books are arriving, I just need one more link, one more book, one more podcast, just one more and I will be done for this month.

The list keeps piling up, the queue just keeps growing, I’m here, still thinking about applying all of this.

My girlfriend calls me to have lunch, I’m tired because I don’t seem to know much.

Jim Simons died, and you realize you will never be part of RenTech, why?

It seems this senior guy was focused on math essentially, and math only…what a gift, I think.

I might start doing the same, just focus on that only thing I ever cared about: complex systems interactions and video games.

I, personally, will start to focus more and open less.

If I open a tab, I’ll just wait for that tab to be consumed and learned afterward, otherwise it’s not much different than just scrolling Instagram with a list of more fancy names.

Well, it’s late for dinner, I need to focus on only one more thing: myself, my family, and my books.